Recent weeks. 

We’ve just returned from an amazing break in Skegness. We go to Southview quite often now and it’s like a second home for the boys. They absolutely love it. We had a wonderful time together, which was very much needed. 

A few weeks ago, I started a post on here which for some reason I never posted. I’ve just re-read it and I’m glad I didn’t because I’m no longer in that place and feel quite proud that I managed to get out of it. I think we all just needed a break, some quality family time away from all the stress of home. I was feeling pretty broken, lost and fed up. I felt like I had neglected myself. I had convinced myself that I hadn’t coped with the last year at all, almost like I’d been in denial. I was feeling fed up of putting on a brave face when all I wanted to do was cry. I had hit a brick wall if I’m being honest. Two weeks ago, I would have happily said that I haven’t coped with the last year, and that I had just been ignoring it all. I had been overdoing it, I wasn’t getting any time to myself, and I had been watching far too much emotional stuff on TV. It really doesn’t take much to bring everything back. 

However, reading back through that post made me realise that I was just having another bad patch. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t have another breakdown 2 weeks ago, everything had just crept up on me again. But, I’m obviously stronger than I think because I battled through it. I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself. 

After our family break, Danny and I had a much needed night out with our closest friends. They really have been there for us every step of the way over the last 12 months and that makes me feel really lucky. When things get too much, and I hit breaking point, I can rely on certain friends to just pick us up, and remind us how far we have come. Sometimes it just helps to hear the words ‘I could not do what you guys do, I don’t even know how you’ve done it, but you have and you will get through each and every challenge that is yet to come’. I genuinely don’t think I would have got this far if it wasn’t for those friends, and for that I will be eternally grateful. It means the world to us to know that those friends will be there for us every step of the way. 

We went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary and Danny’s birthday, but also to take our mind off the year date since diagnosis. We checked out a new bar and they had a cocktail called Hugo Spritz on the menu, so obviously we had one in honour of our amazing boy! Tomorrow marks an entire year since Hugo was diagnosed. A whole year. I will write a separate post about that tomorrow, but I actually can’t believe that a full year has passed. I predict that the next few days may be emotional!

Here are a few snaps of the boys recent adventure in Skegness, and my new favourite drink, the Hugo Spritz! 


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