Chessington World of Adventures

This Easter, we embarked on another theme park/hotel trip… and it was the best one yet! The excitement on the boys faces whenever we stay in one of the themed hotels is just priceless, they absolutely love it. Immersion is a big thing for the boys (and myself) because it’s what we are used to at school, and the Merlin hotels never disappoint. Our latest trip was a huge success, due to a number of factors that I will explain in this blog. 

Firstly, we didn’t attempt the journey in one go. I think the main thing that made legoland a stressful experience was the fact that we attempted a 3.5 hour journey in one go, which with traffic allowances actually ended up being nearly 5 hours. For 3 energetic boys, it’s just too much. So, this time we decided to book into a Premier Inn exactly half way. We only had to travel for a maximum of 90 minutes each time, and we were able to beat all the traffic and not feel rushed. It was lovely, all the journeys were pleasant with no arguments, no stress and no wee accidents! The boys really enjoyed the Premier Inn and going to the pub for tea! It was actually nice to spend some time in a room together with basic tv channels and not a great deal of entertainment as we were really able to focus on quality time with the boys. It very rarely happens, the time to just sit and chat and cuddle, without rushing to be somewhere, have a mountain of jobs to do or be distracted by YouTube videos and social media. 

We completed the second half of our journey on the Tuesday morning after a good old pub breakfast. We arrived at Chessington not long after lunch, giving us time to explore the hotel and facilities before having a family meal. We had a few drinks, walked around the safari park and chilled out in our awesome Temple Ruin hotel room, ready for a fun packed day on the park the next day. 

We chose Chessington this time due to Hugo’s absolute love for animals. He’s desperate to go to Africa so this was the next best thing. We had gorgeous weather too, it was like the middle of summer for the whole time we were there which really added to our adventure! The boys had he best time, and Danny and I really enjoyed it too. Considering it was half term, it was actually really quiet so queuing wasn’t an issue and the boys were able to happily stroll around without being swamped by crowds. The best thing on this trip was noticing the massive difference in Hugo’s strength. When we went to Legoland in October, he couldn’t walk for much longer than 5 minutes at a time and needed his stroller. This time, he was walking around with his brothers for most of the day without tiring. The proudest moment for me was seeing him tackle a high rope adventure course, and actually being able to do it. He was so proud of himself for doing it and he said ‘I can do it like my brothers now’. Until now, I don’t think he’s ever noticed the difference between him and his brothers/friends, but now because he can do things that he’s never been able to do, he’s realised that he couldn’t do them before. He’s so happy that he can keep up with his brothers! It’s just beautiful to see that beaming smile when he’s accomplished something that any other child wouldn’t even have to think about. 

We were at Chessington for 3 days before we travelled back to the Premier Inn for one more night before the journey home. All in all, it was a fab little family holiday and we all loved every second! 


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