Proud as a donkey

Last week was the first of the boys nativities… and what a special one it was! At last years nativity, Hugo didn’t even have a diagnosis of hypermobility. Autism was a possibility but it was nowhere near diagnosis stage. Duchenne was never even heard of at that point.

Hugo was the odd child in his nativity last year, the one that was noticed for the wrong reasons. In fact, it was that exact show that made me realise that something wasn’t quite right with Hugo. He was climbing the walls, rolling around the floor, staring at the ceiling and holding onto a water pipe for dear life whilst periodically giggling and crying to himself. That was what prompted me to suspect autism. 
I had the same gut feeling about this years nativity as I did his school trip last week. I fully expected it to be a disaster. How wrong was I! Hugo was absolutely amazing. He sung beautifully, he was focused, he joined in, he walked up on the stage with a huge beaming smile and he was having fun. I couldn’t have been prouder. For the second time in a week, he blended in with every other child and didn’t look out of place. You would never even guess he was autistic, never mind has Duchenne! He was the best donkey I’ve ever seen and I’m incredibly proud of the progress he has made over the last few months. Well done Huggie Bean!! 


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