I’m feeling extremely proud of our little family this week. It’s been a long couple of weeks for us all, settling back into school life and adjusting to new routines. Danny has a new job, I’m in a new class, Riley is adjusting to year 1 work, Hugo is in full time school and Jasper has moved up to pre-school early. Lots of changes but the boys have embraced every second of it. 

On Wednesday, we recieved the video which was played at the Police Conference last week. I knew it would be an emotional watch but I wasn’t expecting it to be so nicely put together. It portrayed Hugo’s story in such a wonderful way and I’m proud of Danny and I for getting through the interview. Looking back, it was incredibly difficult to talk about Hugo and the reality of how much our life has, and will, change. But we did it, and it was edited to show exactly what I wanted it to show. The conference itself raised £2267 in total and we are so thankful to Licolnshire Police for everything they did. 

On another proud note, Hugo has settled into reception amazingly. He has surprised his teachers with how well he has adapted and I’ve heard so many positive reports of how he is getting on. It’s such a relief to know he is doing so well. I never doubted that he wouldn’t, as he is in the best school imaginable, but I always had that niggling thought that he’d still struggle. However, as usual Hugo is taking everything in his stride and overcoming obstacles in his own little way. 

We’ve got through the first couple of weeks and I just know that this year is going to be a good one. Positivity can kick Duchenne out of our way! There will always be he emotional moments, and the dark times when I think there is no way out, but I know the strength of this family, and in particular the strength of Hugo, will always get us through. Here’s to the weekend and another two days of memories with my gorgeous boys. 


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