Innocent heartbreak

Hugo has reduced me to an absolute emotional wreck over the last 24 hours. He makes my heart burst with pride but at the same time, he has no idea that these innocent things he says hold so much poignancy. The dolphin incident last night was clearly the start of a new sentimental Hugo! 

Jasper got to bring Tommy the Tiger home from nursery for the weekend after having a great week. Hugo has taken Tommy under his wing and decided to look after him. He was sat on the iPad last night, and sat Tommy next to him, lifted his face so it was resting on the iPad and stroked it’s head saying ‘can you see now Tiger’? He just cares so much about others and animals, it’s heartwarming.

Today, he was watching Frozen. I left him for a few minutes to go and clear the kitchen up and couldn’t believe what I walked back into! There he was, sat on the sofa with tears rolling down his cheeks as ‘do you want to build a snowman’ was playing, the part when Elsa no longer plays with Anna. I grabbed his hand and asked him if he was ok. He threw his arms around me crying and said ‘it’s very sad Mummy’. I just sat and cuddled him for a few minutes and joined him with the tears. He has such a beautiful soul. 

As if that wasn’t enough! We were chatting with the boys before bed when Danny asked Riley what he wants to be when he grows up. Obviously it was sonic! Jasper apparently wants to be Olaf, probably due to the fact that he’d just watched Frozen! Hugo didn’t respond straight away. A few minutes later he comes out with ‘when I’m big, I want to be a caterpillar’. I had a puzzled look on my face and asked him why he wants to be a caterpillar! He said ‘I want to eat lots of yummy food, get fat and turn into a pretty colourful butterfly’! I was actually speechless. I couldn’t believe what he’d just said. I’m quite sure he’s probably read the hungry caterpillar at school recently, but even so, what an adorable thing to say. Obviously in Hugo’s mind, he just wants to be a pretty little butterfly and has no idea what he’s really talking about. My Nana has always said that the presence of a visiting butterfly is the spirit of a loved one who’s no longer here. When Hugo said this, I had a mixture of emotions. Happy at the thought that he can be so sweet and innocent, but filled with sadness that one day he will be a ‘visiting butterfly’. Once again, I pulled him in for another huge cuddle and squeezed him tightly, fighting the tears. 

Hugo is the most selfless child I’ve ever known with the biggest heart in the world. I am so, so proud of this wonderful little boy.


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