Late blog – Police dog visit

I completely forgot to post on Monday following Hugo’s special visitor. We had Ollie, the new police dog, visit Hugo at home. It was a wonderful afternoon. 

Ollie is a beautiful dog and Hugo was so happy to meet him. He even showed Ollie his bedroom!  The police dog handler was amazing with Hugo. He let Hugo spend some time exploring the police dog van, and he allowed him to take his time without rushing him.  During conversation, we mentioned Hugo’s kind nature and his love for animals. I mentioned a story about how Hugo found a moth one day and held it in his hand for an hour, talking to it and stroking it, calling it his pet. He really is the most kind hearted little boy. Later during the visit, the police officer chased a grasshopper around the garden and caught it, because he thought Hugo would like it after what we’d previously told him about the moth. I was so touched by this. The way people are thinking of Hugo and trying to make everyday special for him really warms my heart. Hugo loved the grasshopper, or hop grass as he says, so much so that he kissed it through the glass. He melts my heart. 

Danny and I did an interview to explain why we are raising money for Hugo. It was, as ever, tough to compose myself and talk about Hugo’s condition. Danny and I still struggle with this on a daily basis but somehow we always manage to pull ourselves together for interviews. Surprisingly it’s something we’ve got used to over the last few weeks. 

I really cannot thank Lincolnshire Police enough, they are making so much effort for Hugo and we are so lucky to have them on board for Hugo’s fund. Each and every officer/member of police staff we’ve come across has been so caring and kind, and they all have Hugo’s best interests at heart. It is simply amazing. 
Here are some photos of Hugo and Ollie! 


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