Lincolnshire Police 

Wow! Today has been AMAZING!!! The last two days have been awful for me so today couldn’t have come at a better time. Last night I hit a dark place again, I felt like I was spiralling downwards and could literally feel all my strength draining away, thanks to the DLA. However, that all changed today. 

We were all invited to the Lincolnshire Police Headquarters at Nettleham. We didn’t really know what to expect, and we only found out last week that the force have chosen to fundraise for Hugo. As we pulled up to the car park, we were greeted by several people, including a cameraman! They had a special police teddy for each of the boys, knew exactly which boy was which (a difficult thing when they are dressed in identical outfits!) and made us feel special from the start. 

We were first taken to see a police motorbike and the boys were allowed to sit on it and flash the lights! They were all so excited! Then we went for a guided tour around the control centre which was just as exciting for Danny and I as it was for the boys! The boys listened to some police officers through the radios, checked out their rest rooms and had a treat from the tuck shop! We then made our way to the uniform store! It was huge, the boys got to try on the hats and had a look around at all the uniform. We also saw some special police hats from all over the world! 

Then we were told that the boys had a special treat! They were all going for a spin around the skid pan in a police car! We were greeted by a police driving instructor and I think Danny was the most excited by this point! Riley managed to convince the police officer to let him sit in the front, not once, not twice, but 3 times! Hugo sat watching Riley have his turn and was very excited waiting for his go! I’ve never seen the boys so excited yet so patiently wait for their turn whilst enjoying watching their brothers have a go! Riley now wants to be, in his words, a ‘police racing driver’ and spin around a skid pan all day! Hugo, meanwhile, is perfectly happy cuddling his police teddy bear. 

Lincolnshire Police are now fundraising for Hugo and we are still feeling very lucky and extremely grateful to have their support. We really had the best day and cannot thank them enough! 


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