New beginnings

I am officially on countdown to September. I feel that it will be the start of our ‘new’ life. 

Today was transition day. Riley and Hugo spent the day in their new classrooms with their new teachers. I also spent the day in my new classroom with my new teacher. I had a lovely day and both the boys came home absolutely shattered… A definite sign that they’d had a good day! 

Transition day, however, was more significant for me. It marks the start of a new beginning. I’m not one of these people who can make a fresh start in the ‘middle’ of something. I need something to mark the end of a chapter in my life in order to start a new one. 

The new academic year couldn’t come at a better time. It will give me the opportunity to really make a fresh start. New uniforms, new classes, new positive outlooks on life. Hugo would have had all his initial appointments, meaning his condition will be more ‘in order’, and we would have met all the professionals who will be overseeing his care. The 6 weeks summer holidays will be spent getting organised for the year ahead. It will also give me some more time to come to terms with Hugo’s condition. 

I am genuinely excited about moving into September with a positive attitude and a refreshed mind, in order to tackle whatever Duchenne decides to throw at us. Last night, I was beginning to feel like everything was catching up with me again. But today has given me the boost I needed to get through the next few weeks, knowing that things will soon be moving in a positive direction. 

Hugo settled into reception amazingly today which has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Riley absolutely loved being a year 1 for the day, but that was never in doubt! A happy, organised and positive family is on its way… And Duchenne can just fade into the background for a couple of years. 


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