Press releases

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. A PR company contacted me a couple of weeks ago as they’d seen how fast donations were coming in to Hugo’s fund. They wanted to get a press release together to send to regional papers and then national papers. We asked them to hold on until we knew the DNA results so I gave them permission to circulate on Monday. 

Well, my phone has been non stop over the last couple of days! The Lincolnshire Echo and The Lincolnite have done some beautiful stories on Hugo, Duchenne and his campaign. It’s very emotional to read and see his pictures everywhere, but it would be amazing if we can raise awareness for other families to identify Duchenne earlier. 

I had a huge amount of tears this morning. It was Hugo’s sports day but I got a text saying it was cancelled. Turned out it was Rileys class which was cancelled so I missed Hugo doing his race! I was gutted. My mum was here but I’d had enough of people seeing me cry so I went and had a moment to myself in the bathroom. I felt so terrible to have missed it. 

He still had his granny and grandad there cheering him on as thankfully they hadn’t seen my text about it being cancelled. My mum took me for lunch which was nice, I can’t remember the last time we went for lunch as just the two of us. My mind was elsewhere though, so apologies to my mum for not being very chatty!! 

And thanks to an amazing friend who realised I wasn’t there at sports day, I was sent some gorgeous photos of Hugo doing his races! Here is one of my little superstar! 


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