Saturday thought

I’ve just finished reading an article by Muscular Dystrophy UK about newborn screening for Duchenne. Apparently the NHS has the technology to screen for this condition at birth. However, the National Screening Committee decided not go give the go ahead.

This got me thinking. Many of our close friends will know that Jaspers pregnancy was a massive unexpected shock. We weren’t ready for a third baby and we considered not going ahead with the pregnancy. But, we did and I never question that decision. It was the right thing to do and I wouldn’t change him for the world. 

But… If Hugo WAS screened at birth and we knew we would be raising a disabled child, would that have altered our decision to have Jasper? I think so. As hard as it would have been, I don’t think we’d have even considered a third baby if we knew what lied ahead for Hugo. 

So then I thought about this a little deeper. I’ve always been a believer that things happen for a reason. With this in mind, it dawned on me that actually, maybe it was for the best that Hugo wasn’t screened at birth, and we didn’t know when we decided to have Jasper. When things get really tough for Hugo, Riley will still have another brother to run around with. And, later in life when Hugo can’t fight this condition any longer, Riley and Jasper will be there for each other. 

So, my thoughts this morning are this: The decisions we make in life are ultimately for a good reason. It may not feel like the right decision at the time but life has a way of proving that the toughest decisions we are faced with really do set us up for the future…  


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